Astronomy 101

ASTRONOMY by Roger Chaproniere

Roger, a keen amateur astronomer and member of FIRST, delivered a most enlightening talk at the Station this evening. We discussed some of the complexities that have to be overcome, whenever a rocket, or satellite is propelled into space AND how telescopes are able to monitor the stars and the planets.

Later we (metaphorically) began our 'Journey through the Universe'.......

We visited our Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and lonely Pluto.

There were so many fascinating facts:-

Did you know?

1. The Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank had a dual purpose. Not just a star gazer; it was set up to provide a '4 minute warning' of missile attacks during the Cold War.

2. Mars has a volcano that is 16 miles high and covers an area the size of France.

3. Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is the only one in the Planet's retinue of moons to orbit in a direction opposite to the rotation of all the other moons of the planet.

As we looked at a photograph of Saturn, we could see a tiny planet - our Earth - through its icy rings!

And then, we travelled onwards to the stars ........

Throughout the evening Roger interspersed his talk with photographs, video clips and simple demonstrations to complement his presentation and help clarify some of the more complex topics. His enthusiasm for his subject was contagious. The evening was thoroughly entertaining, interesting and informative.

Thank you, Roger