A Talk on the Trans America Bicycle Trail

An enthralling talk by Martin Deane and John Middleberg took us on a cycle ride over 4,000 miles across the USA in aid of Mary’s Meals. Martin described the route across ten states, travelling through the Rockies, enduring mile upon mile across empty landscapes, passing vehicles abandoned

decades earlier and cycling through ghost towns.

Accommodation varied from tents to hotels, cyclist-friendly churches and welcoming locals offering a spare bed. The challenges of altitude, weather, boredom, breakdowns and unfriendly dogs were in sharp contrast to breathtaking scenery, warm welcomes, friendships made and the discovery of a lesser known America.

Accompanying slides showed glorious views, big skies, Civil War monuments, long, long trains, fascinating information signs and much more. John spoke of the motivation behind the trip: to raise awareness and funds for Mary’s Meals. The charity sets up school feeding programmes enabling children to receive a meal and education; it costs just £13.90 to feed a child for a whole school year. For more information


Thanks to Martin and John for a great talk.