An Evening of Exotic Delights

Over the last few months a varied selection of free talks have taken place in the Coal Yard at The Station. These have included The Way we Were, Memories of Irlam and Cadishead. Railways of Irlam Cadishead and Glazebrook. Our Boys on the Somme. The Mersey And Irwell Navigation. Gangs of Manchester in the 1800’s.

The latest talk held in April, entitled An Evening of Exotic Delights, proved to be unusual and entertaining. Fatma gave a very interesting and interactive talk on the history and development of Exotic Dance. From it’s origins as a street dance, through to the westernised version we see today. Fatma, together with volunteers from the audience, gave demonstrations of various dance moves and musical instruments. Variations in styles of dress, from peasant to modern day, were also discussed. Most audience members finished the evening dressed in full traditional costume, much to everyone’s amusement and delight. It was agreed by all

that the evening was a huge success and changed most people’s concept of ‘Belly Dancing’.